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The Most Insufferable One Yet

You need — no, you have the right — to unlimited narcissism.

I mean, “a billion roving photojournalists…” capturing “the entire gallery of humanity….”?  I don’t know if my eyes can even roll that far up.

They might as well just be direct about it and say: this phone service contract will make you fucking important.  It’s not like they’re being subtle, so they could at least cut away the grandiose nonsense and get to the damn point.


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  1. ha! that’s my favourite part– “i need–no, i have the RIGHT– to be unlmited.”
    as much as the entitilement, it’s that guy’s tone of voice that gets to me. are we supposed to empathise? he just sounds kind of whiny. i would not want to hang out with him, for sure!

    my fave commercial ever is for ikea. it’s directed by spike jonze and it’s this lamp sitting in the rain on the curb with sad music playing and the voice over is, paraphrased, “why do you feel sad for this broken lamp? it’s a lamp! go get a nice new one from ikea!’
    … so funny.

    how have you been?


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