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I Have Invented a New Kind of Hummus!

Because I am a dumb-ass who mistakenly buys sunflower seeds instead of sesame seeds.

If I were my mother, I would be buying Sudoku books in bulk right now to ward off the Alzheimer’s.

But I am not that prudent.

Or that paranoid.

Or that good with puzzles.

And it’s still really good hummus.  So there’s that.


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  1. 1. can we try this some time this week? maybe tues or thurs? i will provide pitas and drinks!
    2. made me think of you!
    ps, xkcd is my favorite internet comic 🙂

    • 1. If you do it right, it’s actually kind of a tedious , time consuming process. You have to cook the chickpeas for about an hour (after soaking them overnight), then wait for them to cool, then peel them, which takes another hour or so. But if you’re seriously game, let’s do Thursday. Shoot me a text.
      I’d actually like to try doing it the right way next time, though, so let’s do a batch with proper sesame-seed tahini and a batch with dumbass sunflower-seed tahini.

      2. Sweet Jesus, A, you are killing me softly with that song right there. That is totally me all day at work. Except I’m more of a street-view guy than a satellite guy. And I usually do give up and cheat after about 10 minutes.


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