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My Favorite Sad Song.

I’m working from home today because I’m a little bit hungover, and it’s all overcast and rainy outside, so this seems like a great day to post my favorite song to wallow along to when I’m feeling down.

Ostensibly, of course, this is a happy song about being young and starting a life with someone you love and taking a moment to feel the wonder and revel in all of the potential and possibility.  It was originally written as a jingle for a home mortgage lender advertisement, in fact.

But long stretches of the melody are surprisingly melancholy, and the lyrics are so naively optimistic that you just feel sorry for them.  And then, God, there’s Karen.  Her voice is so tender it’s heartbreaking, and knowing now that she didn’t have so much of life ahead makes listening to her sing those words that much more sad.

Have you guys heard that Kris Kristofferson song “Sunday Morning Coming Down“?  Listening to We’ve Only Just Begun on a gray hungover day makes you feel like the guy in that song.  Like it’s too late for you.


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