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I just spent 3 hours going back and forth across town in the frigid cold trying to track down Indian black salt, which a bunch of vegan recipe sites recommend to give tofu an egg-like flavor.   Whole Foods, New Seasons, Zupan’s, Pastaworks, and every single other high-end shop that carries specialty salts and/or caters to vegans in Portland that I could think of.  None of them had it.

I finally found it for 99 cents/lb at the tiny little halal market 10 blocks from my apartment.

Jesus H.


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  1. Does it work???

  2. I used it for a vegan egg salad recipe I found, and I can’t quite tell if it works or not. I’m going to try using it in a tofu scramble and see if I notice it more.

    It smells awful, though. Super duper sulfurous.


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