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Day 29.

Unincorporated North Fulton County.

Glenn’s TV was big.  No one was going to argue with that.  Glenn had had to special order it from Best Buy and knock out a wall in his basement just to fit it in there.  He’d watched Avatar on there just after it came out, and Transformers II a few weeks later, and the picture quality had been crisp, vibrant, and intense: all of the words Skyler at Best Buy had used to describe it.

And Skyler was a high-school senior with perfect hair who said he’d been accepted to Georgia Tech while he and Glenn were chatting, so clearly he was the person to be consulting with on significant TV purchases.  Skyler smelled like just the right combination of deodorant and masculine cologne, and looked you right in the eye when he explained his well-reasoned position on the LCD vs Plasma debate.  Skyler was the kind of guy Glenn wished he’d been at that age.

But a big TV was only part of the equation.  At a certain point, you had to recognize the necessity of surround sound, a Blu-Ray disc player, a Playstation, and a Wii.

Glenn knew this all too well, deep down, but every time he closed his eyes all he could see was that new model of the Honda CBR Sportsbike.  Skyler at Best Buy would sure think of him differently if he saw Glenn roaring around town on that thing.

But he had to put his family first.  What kind of jackass could really enjoy riding his Honda Sportsbike around town knowing that his neglected children were sitting at home watching DVDs of their favorite Disney movies without a Blu-Ray quality picture or stadium sound?

No, the Sportsbike would just have to wait a few years.  Hopefully the kids wouldn’t need braces when they got to middle school.

Coming out of his reverie, Glenn suddenly began to doubt his decision to go with digital cable instead of satellite.  He knew Kimberly didn’t want that ugly dish sticking out the side of the house, but wouldn’t it be worth it for STARZ HD?

He needed the confident, authoritative guidance that only Skyler could provide.  Did he work on Sundays?  God, Glenn hoped so.


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  1. I LOVE this. Reading backwards, I read the Portland version first. How small would this need to be to fit on a postcard?


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