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Day 24.

So now that I’m done with the CPA, I need book and TV recommendations.

Nonfiction books need not apply.

Has anyone read War and Peace?  Is it worth it?

Bonus points for TV shows that are on Netflix Instant.


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  1. Oooh, yes! I have no idea what kinds of TV shows you like, but here are some we’ve watched recently (all on Netflix):

    – Outcasts (BBC sci-fi; really good but canceled after first season; still worth it)
    – Sherlock (BBC modern-day reboot; fun, cheeky, but the episodes are 90 minutes each)
    – Breaking Bad (this is a long-haul show if you dig AMC-style drama regarding drugs and a mid-life crisis)
    – The Walking Dead (zombies! really good drama)
    – Mad Men (I feel like you don’t like this show though)
    – The Killing (I think we’ve chatted about this one… so bleak and beautiful, set in Seattle)

  2. I know a lot of people who like Breaking Bad, but the plot description sounds a little bit too much like Weeds, and Weeds was awful.

  3. oh my goodness, i very much second “sherlock”! so good, plus if you combine watson’s pesonity with sherlock’s looks, you’d have basically a perfect person.
    also, the walking dead is set in the atl. wouldn’t you like to see zombies on the 14 st overpass? come one, you would….
    also, “american horror story”. i think the whole first season is on netflix. the double meaning of the title is, you know, ghosts and so on, but also the horror of divorce, difficult teen children dating the wrong boys,’s really good. plus jessica lange! she eats all the scenery!

  4. I say, give Breaking Bad a chance. It’s not a pot comedy, I swear.

    My TV recommendations:
    Hoarders (naturally)
    Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares, UK edition
    Sons of Anarchy
    The West Wing (I watched this obsessively during the election, instead of watching election coverage…)
    Dirty Jobs


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