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Day 23.

So I’m on this website that ranks Oregon high schools for the past hour or so (“But why, Andrew?”  Because I am, OK?  Because I am.), and it turns out there are a whole slew of Oregon towns I’ve never heard of that are large enough to merit their own high schools.

For instance!

Dayville, Oregon.  In the mountains between Redmond and John Day.

Elkton, Oregon (awesome name!).  In the Coast Range near Coos Bay (terrible name).

Elmira, Oregon.  Outside of Eugene.

Echo, Oregon.  South of Hermiston.

Athena, Oregon.  East of Hermiston.

Spray, Oregon.  Located not on the coast, as one might expect, but rather in the mountains south of Dayville.

Also, apparently the sixth best high school in Oregon is the “Business, Wellness, and Sports School” in Woodburn.  This bizarre name strengthens my long-held suspicion that Woodburn is secretly a magical, quirky place that disguises itself as a boring roadside town with that lame outlet mall.  There are more awesome Mexican restaurants per capita in Woodburn than anywhere else I’ve been in the state, and there is a senior citizen golf cart parade every December.  True story.  SO HOW ABOUT THAT, OTHER TOWNS OF A COMPARABLE SIZE IN THE WILLAMETTE VALLEY?

Yeah, this shit’s boring.  But it’s all I have to write about right now, so it’s what I’m writing about.


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  1. Golf cart parade? Also, oddly enough, I think I’ve been to Elmira.


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