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Day 13.

10 Hours of Sunshine.

I was thinking about traveling yesterday, and about how I’ve been to pretty much all of the interesting cities and towns within a day’s driving distance of Portland, and about how frustrating it feels when I’m stuck here in the January cocoon of impenetrable gray dampness when nobody wants to go out and do anything, and about how airfare to so many places isn’t that expensive, and about how hotels in every place I want to go are that expensive, which is why I hardly ever go anywhere.

So then I thought: fuck it, why don’t I just fly to L.A. for a day in January?  Just fly out in the morning, kick around town for the day and get some sunshine, and then come back in the evening.  Give myself a few stolen moments free of the gray gloom, see a new place I wouldn’t have any reason to see otherwise, skip all of the expensive hotel bullshit.

It’s only a 2-hour flight, and airfare between PDX and LAX is only like $120 round trip.   I’ll pay $60 to treat myself to a nice meal on occasion, so $120 to treat myself to a sunny day in a new city is a steal.

So why the hell not?

Because LAX and L.A. are almost in different time zones, it turns out, so that’s not going to work without a costly rental car.

San Diego, on the other hand, is a mere hour’s walk from its airport.  San Diego is also gorgeous, if Google Maps’s street view feature is to be believed.

So I’m mulling it over.  This could end up being a bad idea for several reasons, but I’m really digging the thought of reducing a trip down to a day, of cutting away all of the slack time.  That would force me to go and do everything I want to do right away, and not leave it for later in the trip because I’m sleepy or whatever, and then Oh, Hey! it’s the end of the trip, and I didn’t do half of the things I’d planned on doing.  Alternatively, that pressure to cover a lot of ground is kind of eliminated when it’s just a day trip: even if I do absolutely nothing but walk around and get coffee and lunch and sit on the beach, it’d still be a nice day in a new city.

Also: no heavy luggage to worry about.  Just me, my CD player, and a good book.  I could roam as much as I pleased so long as I was back at the airport in time for my flight home.

What do you guys think?  Is this a rusty leaden pipe of a dream, or could it maybe work?


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