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Day 11.

Spoiler Alert.  Don’t watch the above clip or continue reading this post if you don’t want to know what happens in the last episode of My So-Called Life.

So I’d been meaning to watch MSCL for nearly a year, and I finally got to it last month.  All of the great things people say about it are true.  It’s one of the two most accurate depictions of the high school experience that I’ve seen (the other being that Gus Van Sant movie Elephant), it’s edgy without being melodramatic and over-the-top about it (the antithesis of Glee, basically), and Claire Danes does a phenomenal job with the Angela character.  If you have Netflix Instant, then I strongly recommend putting it on your list of things to watch.

Brian’s love letter to Angela is my absolute favorite part of the show.  I’m secretly* a very sappy and insecure person, and pretty much all I want in the whole entire world is for an attractive man to say nice things to me.  Brian Krakow doesn’t quite meet my criteria for an attractive man, but I’d be willing to give him a pass on that if he’d write me letters with lines like, “I hate this pen I’m holding because I should be holding you…I even hate this letter because it’s not the whole truth.  Because the whole truth is so much more then a letter could even say.”

*Read: transparently.


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  1. So, I didn’t watch the clip because I have been going back and forth over starting a My So-Called Life watch and I’ve just decided, on your recommendation, to go there. As soon as I’m through The West Wing, which is both satisfyingly liberal, and infuriatingly sexist/imperialist/capitalist.


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