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Day 10.

The Fuck?

The Gin Blossoms and Ambrosia are touring together.

As in:


I just…I don’t…I mean, huh?

Who in the hell is going to see both of these groups?  If you drew a venn diagram of their fans, the circles wouldn’t even touch.   It would be the most disappointing venn diagram ever created.

What’s next?  Nickleback and Peabo Bryson?  Missy Eliot and Paula Cole?  The apocalypse?


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  1. Nickelback and Cat Power. I just realized that I am the complete freak that connects those two venn diagrams. I’m more than a little ashamed.

    • Wait, you like Nickelback? For serious? I should probably go alert the music police, but you’re my friend, so I won’t.

      Also: I really like that one song where he’s feeling way too damn good and they fuck in the shower. There! Now we can be music fugitives together.

  2. The complete freak WHO connects those two diagrams, eh? Apparently I don’t speak english anymore…Or capitalize correctly…


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