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Day 8.

This weekend I am going to have some very exciting travel photos and homemade tofu stories, but at this very moment I am the most boring person on Earth.

So in lieu of a real post, please enjoy this photo-portrait of a  proud, majestic ground squirrel taken during A’s and my trip to Bend this summer:

Does it ever bother you when people get described as proud, by the way?  Like does it ever strike you as condescending when someone refers to the citizens of Norway as “a proud people”?

Whenever anyone says something like that, my first impulse is to interject with: “Oh, yeah?  Well, the people of Georgia are bunch of shameless, shifty motherfuckers.  SO HOW ABOUT THAT, MARGARET MEAD?”


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  1. Just wanted to say you’re totally kicking ass at this NaBloPoMo. Keep up the good work, yo.

  2. I too am in awe. I would describe the citizens of Norway as a very fair, white people.

  3. Fair, like just. Like, maximum prison sentence of 26 years and you get a laptop and curtains in your cell. Your cell, which is virtually identical to my CU dorm room, if the documentary I saw on death metal is to believed.


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