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Day 6.

My First Thought Immediately Following the Discovery of a Jury Summons in My Mailbox:

“Wait, so…they haven’t actually finished repealing Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell yet, have they?  I mean, there was that whole thing about it, but it’s still OH WAIT THAT DOESN’T WORK FOR THIS ONE ANYWAY.”

So I guess I’ve got jury duty at the end of the month, then.  Goddammit.

I think I might show up to the courthouse in assless chaps anyway, though.  Just, you know, out of spite.


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  1. My father insists that if you don’t sign for it they can’t make you go. Though I always thought it could be really interesting.

  2. W has ignored several jury summons over the years. I am fully expecting him to get pinched at the DMV or something and carted off to jail. I will laugh, and I will probably refuse to pay his bail.


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