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Bare with me.

I know this background is a little more pastel than what you’re used to seeing here at LazyFair, but I got so fed up with how long it was taking the site to load with the previous theme, and after an hour of testing out new themes, this was the first decent one I could find that didn’t distort or cutoff my pictures.  So this one’s temporary until I can work up the energy to go back and find something more permanent and less pastel.

While we’re on the subject of themes: I’m considering doing NaBloPoMo again this year.  What would you guys most like to read about every day for 30 days?  I was thinking about ghost stories, but then an unrelated discussion a few days ago made me think that restaurant reviews might be fun, too.  I eat out a ton, after all, and there are at least 30 restaurants about which I have a strong opinion.  But half of the people who read this don’t live in Portland, and I don’t want to be writing stuff that’s only relevant to 50% of you…unless you guys just enjoy criticism for criticism’s sake, like me.

What I was also thinking might be cool (read: easy) is to do a day trip every weekend in October, take a ton of pictures, and then post one per day on here with a brief description in November.  October is a good time to take pictures in Western Oregon.  We get strong, bright fall color on the trees thanks to the rainy climate, but typically the rain doesn’t start until November, leaving October crisp and sunny.  Best of both worlds. But we’ve been doing a ton of Western Oregon photos lately, and I don’t want these to get monotonous.

Or maybe a combination of restaurant reviews and day-trip photos?  Or something else?  What do you guys think?


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  1. I have found it helpful to have a variety of posts, because I get bored. Last year I had a structure (I know wednesdays were just pictures) to kind of make it easier to come up with stuff. So I think I mix of things would be good. And restaurant reviews would be fun to read no matter what.

    • OH, HEY. You updated the Samoa blog! I thought I had WordPress setup to notify me whenever that blog was updated, but apparently not. I’ma go read it right now.

      And I think you’re right about the mix. I also like the idea of having photo Wednesdays. Maybe I could just do a theme for everyday of the week. Music video Mondays, restaurant review Tuesdays, photo Wednesdays, bitchy-rant Thursdays, etc. That would make for easy planning.


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