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Escape to the Coast

This was a  last-minute trip; it was on the eve of a big heat wave in Portland, and our office is really poorly air-conditioned, so if I wanted to get any work done I needed to get the hell out of town. I found this place on Expedia around 8 pm, and was surprised a hotel this nice could be this cheap.  And apparently you could bring a pet!  I tossed Big Orange and my laptop into the car, and off we went.

Forgive me if this post sounds like an ad for the Adrift Hotel in Long Beach, but I was really, really happy to find this place.  I have a (mostly irrational) fear of upholstery and carpet in hotel rooms: I can’t stop myself wondering what nastiness they’ve absorbed over time that I can’t see.  But this place was all hard, spare, Ikea-looking surfaces.   The only fabrics in the whole room were the sheets on the bed and the bathroom towels.  I could not have been more at ease.   And the cleaner they use left the room smelling like orange oil.  Awesome.

Big Orange likes to burrow whenever he’s frightened or nervous, so the moment I let him out of his crate in the hotel room he shot up under the bedsheets.

The Adrift’s restaurant is on the top floor, with a killer view, a stereo playing jazz standards from the 40s (perfect background music for the melancholy lone diner who wants to imagine he is sophisticated and glamorous), and $5 whiskey gingers at happy hour.

So this is the Discovery Trail, which runs from the ocean in Long Beach across the Peninsula to the bay in Ilwaco .  The only time I ever left the hotel was go for a walk along this for a couple of hours in the evening.

Columbia River around 7:30 AM, on the way back to Portland on Saturday.


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