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The Central Valley

Woke up this Sunday, decided to go for a drive, and ended up down past Salem.

I don’t have  exciting captions for these; the Central Willamette Valley’s not really an exciting part of the world.  Lots of agriculture, lots of gray days, lots of flat, Midwestern-looking towns.  No amount of fancy-talk from me is going to me make these more engaging, is what I guess I’m saying.  But it’s a part of the world just the same, so I think it’s worth knowing what it looks like.  You just have to be in the right state of mind.

First up is the Salem suburb of Independence.

Independence’s sister city is Monmouth, home to Western Oregon University.

Monmouth is a horrible place for a college (it’s a tiny little nothing town, and Oregon State University is less than 30 minutes away, so it doesn’t really do much good having it there), and I’ve never met anyone who actually went to Western Oregon (it’s actually really hard for me to imagine anyone going to school there) but the campus is really pretty.  All of the buildings are lined up along one street, which I like.

The perfect midcentury-modern ranch for me…if only it were anywhere but Monmouth.

Slightly to the west and up into the Coast Range foothills is tiny ex-logging camp Falls City.  This photo pretty much encompasses the entire town.

Falls City High School is kind of a neat building, though.

Neat old house in Dallas, northeast of Falls City.

Hills between Dallas and Salem.

I got lost somewhere between Dayton and Amity.  I probably couldn’t find this house again if I tried.


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  1. that last green house is amazing. let’s go to there!
    also, this song:

    is the one i was talking about.
    nebraska jones!
    also, do you want to the pictures from our trip yesterday??


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