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I Respectfully Disagree.

From an article in the Tribune (Portand’s most worthless periodical [which is saying something, given that the tragically dim-witted Oregonian and head-too-far-up-its-own-40-going-on-22-year-old-ass Willamette Week also make their homes here]):

Alyson Huntting recently injured her back after falling down some steps, and a doctor at Kaiser Permanente’s emergency room prescribed oxycodone.

It’s a potent narcotic, and Huntting didn’t like the side effects. She soon stopped using it, but was shocked to read this instruction in the pamphlet Kaiser issued with the pills: “If this medicine is no longer needed, dispose of the unused tablets by flushing them down the toilet.”

“It just blew me away,” Huntting says. “This is something that should not be put in anybody’s water supply.”


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