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Monthly Archives: January 2012



The best possible thing has happened!

We have an old digital camera at work that we don’t need anymore, and my boss said I could have it!  Do you know what this means, faithful readers?

It means we don’t have to do anymore of these dumb filler posts with music and short fiction and navel gazing and all that other nonsense!  We can finally get back to the posts that made this blog great: posts with fucking pictures of stuff!

I should clarify: fucking good pictures of stuff.  Pictures with like…proper lighting and focus and a clear subject et al.  None of this disposable-camera bullshit we’ve been having to subsist on for far, far too long.  Digital cameras can somehow take gorgeous photographs of the Oregon countryside despite my ineptitude!

I am semi-planning a CPA-study sojourn in Lincoln City for next weekend.  If I go, I’m gonna take the back route through the mountains. Should this come to pass*, I promise we’ll have the first real post on this site since….since back when it had that spectacular Vermilion Christmas background.  (The Golden Age, that was.)

In less exciting news:  did you know you can make a hot toddy without tea?  I’d always thought that a hot toddy was just hot tea & whiskey, and I never much cared for it.  But A and I went to a bar last weekend where they made it with bourbon, hot water, honey, and lemon, and it was the most delicious drink I’ve ever had.  And it makes perfect sense to do it that way.  The honey and lemon enhance the flavor of the bourbon; tea just obscures it.

I’ve perfected the recipe at home with a little extra bourbon and a cinnamon stick.  I will absolutely make each one of you one the next time I see you.  AND THEN WE CAN TAKE A GLORIOUS PICTURE OF IT AND POST IT ON MY BLOG!

*Mountain-travel pun was unintentional.