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Conversation with My Boss, Presented Without Comment

Yours Truly: What the hell did she have to be upset about?

Boss: Well, she was a little offended that you didn’t just believe what she told you.

YT: But we’re auditing them.  We’re not supposed to believe her.  We have to ask for proof; that’s the job they’re paying us to do.

Boss: Well, but we need to be more like auditors slash game show hosts.

YT: You mean like for one of those Japanese game shows where the contestants get electrocuted if they give the wrong answer?

Boss: No.

YT: Oh.

Do you guys ever kind of half-hear a song on the radio without knowing what it is, and then get a couple of bars from that song stuck in your head for years?  Like, every 2 or 3 months, you’ll hear something kind of similar, and those couple bars will play in your head all of the sudden and then you’ll spend the next two and a half hours trying to figure out what the hell that goddamn song was?

Yeah, so Pandora played this song yesterday, and it was like finally getting a piece of food dislodged from between my teeth after 9 years of futilely stabbing at it with a paperclip and getting my gums all bloody.  I’m not even exaggerating; that part where he sings “…note that says you’re leaving home….” has been sporadically popping up in my head since I was a sophomore in high school.  It’s been quite a journey.


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  1. You know, I’m honestly not sure what he was getting at with the gameshow host thing. Really peppy disbelief? Rewards for not lying? What?

  2. i’m going to go with “delivering really bad news while smiling in a way that shows all of your teeth” for 200, alex

  3. Oh. Well then. I guess I get it. Like, when they say “OHHHHH NOOOO Marie, you were so close! Only one more click of the wheel and you would have won 40 million dollars! BUT YOU’RE NOT GOING HOME EMPTY HANDED! We have for you a gorgeous set of tasteful neon plastic dishes!”

    Actually, that could be a useful skill. I think I’m going to work on it.


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