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This is me studying for the CPA exam.

The Xs above are lined up along a quarter-mile stretch of Rocky Point Rd., about 40 minutes from my apartment.

If you live on the blue X, your kids will go to high school in North Plains.

If you live on the green X, they will go to high school in Scappoose.

If you live on the red X, your children will go to to high school in downtown Portland.



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  1. I must admit, I kind of fail to see what you’re getting at here. But I feel you on the “emphatically not studying” thing. I am supposed to graduate next week. Have I finished my assignments for the last 2 months? I have not.

    In fact, I have done nothing but watch documentaries and episodes of Ice Road Truckers: Most Dangerous Roads for the last 2 weeks. I am succeeding at fail.

    Also, what the hell is with this secret Erin blog that only Andrew knows about? Whyyyyyyy not meeeeeeee?! Why was I not informed? Am I in some sort of trouble? I post this here only because I HAVE NO OTHER MEANS OF RELIABLE ERIN COMMUNICATION AT THIS TIME. Sorry to hijack your blog.

  2. Which HS is in downtown Portland, anyway? I thought it was just St. Mary’s there.

  3. I sent you the url last night. Did you not get it? And she posts on Facebook, and she’ll still get an email if you leave a comment on her other blog. So you do, in fact, have other reliable means of Erin communication.

    The reason the school thing is fascinating (to me, and only me) is that those three places are really far apart. It would be like….if you still lived in Thornhill, and I lived in my mom’s neighborhood, and Ashley lived in Doublegate, and you were zoned to go to high school in Monroe, and I was zoned for Marietta, and she was zoned for Grady in Midtown. I was going to post a perspective map last night to make my point clearer, but I ended up drinking with work buddies instead. I will post it tonight. There is work drama I must tell you about, by the way.

    And the public school downtown is called Lincoln. It and Grant are generally considered the best public high schools in Portland. But Lincoln’s the only high school on the west side, so its district is huge, and extends to the edge of Multnomah county near Scappoose, where Rocky Point Rd is.

  4. Oooh work dramaz. We totally didn’t cover that, did we?


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