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I just dropped $16 at the salad bar at Whole Foods after deciding that a $1.25 cup of ramen noodles was a ripoff.

Just needed to get that down somewhere so I’ll see it in 2 or so months when I forget again and convince myself I have the requisite  levels of self control and common sense to shop at that devil market.


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  1. Oooh…I just went to Whole Foods during my Atl trip and hooked up with a bunch of Lake Champlain chocolate bars ad a bottle of rosewater glycerin toner. The chocolate bars are postage stamp size, and cost $3.19 each. OUT OF CONTROL. I would include the whole “thank god I don’t live anywhere near one” spiel, but unfortunately I rock the expensive olives section at Publix pretty damn hard and besides, I have been know to drive to Jacksonville for a foolish orange liquor project. I still have un-strained orangcello somewhere in my apartment.

    Today’s foolish project: Cat door to the porch! Wish me luck.

  2. The next time you are in Atl, speaking of ramen, you should hit the Buford Highway Farmers Market. Best selection of spicy delicious ramen! I stocked up on ramen this weekend, while W stocked up on Lithuanian beers with ridiculously high alcohol content.


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