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Um. You guys? I think I just agreed to take on another cat.

Which would mean we’re averaging a feline addition every two months here at Mills Manor, a level of unsustainability that would make China blush.

It would also mean that my past-weekend birthday celebration for making it through my early 20s without the onset of schizophrenia may have been a tad hasty.

I think I’m going to call him Ferdinand.  Not that you asked.


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  1. Yo, you want an incontinent pug with that crazy?

    Also, dude, I totally called it. 3 cats is like the natural order of things. But I’m warning you, be very, very careful about 4. That one extra cat can wreak havoc on the catbalance in your home. Although I must tell you that Evie is more fully integrated all the time. Today? I caught her getting a head-licking from Edgar. PURRING. And she licks Neutrino and Bailey all the time now. Snuggles up to Beauregaard…really he’s kind of a semi-animate heating blanket anyway, but it’s cute.

    So, you know, what I’m getting at here is that 4? Totally awesome.

    I’ll let you know about 5. And divorce.

  2. Other cat is so cute! Rocking a sort of devil-may-care scruffiness. 🙂


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