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Who played it best?

You know that feature gossip magazines do where they ask you to vote on which celebrity wore a particular outfit best?  Yes.  OK, this is just like that, except sub performer for celebrity and song for outfit.  Simple.

My song infatuation this month is Someday Soon.  Written by Ian & Sylvia; made famous by Judy Collins.   It’s been a charting single for three different artists in three separate decades.

Here’s the folky Collins version, circa 1969.


(The album version’s not available on YouTube, so to keep the playing field even, I’m presenting live versions of all three of these.)


Next, we have Crystal Gayle’s 1978 country-pop cover.


Crystal Gayle is Loretta Lynn’s (much) younger sister, and has the longest hair of quite possibly any famous person from the 20th century.


Finally, 1991 brings us Suzy Boggus’s neo-traditionalist-country cut.


You can just say which one you like best, or you can rank them best to worst.


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  1. I like Suzy Boggus best. But for the love of god lady, if ever there was cause to take a stage name. Boggus?! REALLY. Really?

    Also, Crystal Gayle was GORGEOUS. Wow. But I flat hated her version of the song. I thought, no, maybe it’s just that particular performance. And after youtubing for a while, I can say conclusively: I actually really hate the crap out of Crystal Gayle. I don’t like her voice, she sounds so affected, and she seems like a wild narcissist, too. Something about how she does her face when she sings.

    So yeah. Nice to look at, muted. UGH.

    Sorry, I had to get that out of my system. The hate built to an intolerable level through all the youtubing, and I tried to tell W but he, you know, didn’t care. At all. 😛

  2. I agree with Emily. Suzy wins. Then Judy, then Crystal.

    I have so much stuff to do but I don’t feel like doing any of it. Except I won’t have anything to wear to work tomorrow if I don’t put some laundry in the wash. So, you know, I should do something.

  3. same here. miss suzy b, then judy c, and gayle. she doesn’t get a nickname.

    that affected, narcissist thing emily mentioned? that’s how i feel about renee zellweger. cannot stand and don’t get why hollywood loves her. so fine-tuned for maximum reaction vs anything real. blech.


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