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The worst thing you can ever do to hardwood flooring is put a box of kitty litter within kicking range* of it.  The dust that the litter leaves behind will not ever fully come off.  Not with a dry swiffer, nor with a wet swiffer.  Not with a broom, nor with a vacuum cleaner. Not with a rag and some warm water.  Not even if you start shouting (at your cat? at fate?) about how you pay good fucking money for these floors, and you take good fucking care of this cat, and there is absolutely NO fucking reason why this should have happened to you.  Neither fate nor your cat nor the unholy force binding the litter dust to your floor will  be moved by this appeal to fairness.

Now you know.

*Equals the maximum distance you believe your cat should reasonably be able to kick cat sand plus the remaining distance to reach the wood floors.


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  1. Cat person inquiry:
    Do you use clay litter? Because that shit is bad on soooooo many levels. The dust is sticky, and there tends to be a lot of it (especially if she’s a scratcher), and it can get into both your lungs. I ditched the clay-based litters a while ago and never looked back. What you want is called Swheat Scoop. Comes in a giant bag. Not cheap, but it clumps like a dream (especially when you add a bottom layer of baking soda!) so you get a lot more bang for your buck. Very low dust–basically the only dust you’ll get at all is from the baking soda, should you choose to add it. Also, biodegradable and recycled. And! If you get the giant bags, they hide coupons inside for a free bag! You just have to collect 12 of them…I’m getting really close. Maybe I should send them to you?

    I’m sorry about your floor. You just CANNOT catch a break with this cat. How’s the rectum, btw? Good as new?

  2. The Farmville thing is totally not my idea. I said it was lame. W’s mom is basically forcing him and Sky to play…at least, that’s how it started. Now I catch him playing when he’s supposed to be doing his physics hw. It’s become a physics-avoidance issue.

    That lady is SO LONELY. And she does not do lonely well. She lacks our fortitude.


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