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All the Proof You’ll Ever Need that You’ve Grown Old and Out of Touch Well Before Your Time

The New Seasons is packed to the gills with 30-somethings shopping for ingredients to brew their home-made Kombucha with on a Sunday evening, and as some old song by The Cure comes whining through the Muzak speakers, I notice that nearly every single shopper in sight is now smiling and singing along to it.  Some of them are really getting into it: tapping their feet, closing their eyes and reminiscing about good days long past. 

And then The Cure song fades to a close, and is succeeded by the opening bass part to “You’re So Vain,” and you can go ahead and pat yourself on the back if you’ve already guessed that the only person in that whole damn store who smiles, closes his eyes, and starts lip synching along to “You walked into the party/Like you were walking onto a yacht”  is the prematurely-balding 23-year old with the jumbo tub of dietary fiber in his shopping cart.   

You can pat yourself on the back a second time if you automatically rolled your eyes and grumbled “dirty hippies,” when I mentioned The Cure.


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  1. Ho ho! TWO PATS!

    I should get a third pat, for immediately finding “You’re So Vain” on youtube and listening to it on repeat for about 20 mins. That song is awesome.

    Also, all those dirty Kombucha hippies should take note–dietary fiber is important, yo.


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