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So I’m having company staying over the entire week of Thanksgiving, right?  I am also working every day, and finishing two group projects for school that week.  I have known this since early September, but of course the true magnitude of it did not hit me (squarely in the solar plexus) until yesterday evening.  First, I panicked.  Then, I zealously Magic Erased every non-wooden surface in the apartment.  Now, I am trying to figure out some sort of itinerary to keep my far-too-trusting guests occupied and enjoying themselves.  And not noticing that I somehow do not have a toilet paper holder after living in this apartment for 2 and half years.  (My attitude about housewares is similar to my attitude about love: if the right one is out there, we will happen upon each other in a moment of glorious serendipity.  Until that moment, I remain resolutely stoic about having to place the toilet paper next to the toothpaste on the edge of the sink.) 

Everyone who reads this has either lived in or visited Portland before, so help me out: what are the things you enjoy/have enjoyed doing in Portland/Western Oregon most?  Any stores that are especially cool for visitors?   Restaurants you recommend?  I’m already thinking Farm Cafe’s a pretty good bet.  What about day trips?  Naturally, the Gorge and the Coast already have spots on the itinerary.  Does anyone have a favorite bar? 

Also, what are y’all fixing for Thanksgiving?  I need ideas.  I’m going to be the only vegan in attendance, so omnivorous dish ideas are certainly welcome — but I’m a terrible cook, so complicated dishes are not.    

Here’s some Steely Dan to cleanse all that sappy residue that the Countdown has surely left on your palates.  Nobody’s a sentimentalist when Donald Fagen’s singing.

Congratulations!  This is Your Haitian Divorce.


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  1. i don’t know how you feel about butter, but i could send you a recipe for world’s easiest baked apricots? if you substituted margarine, would that be vegan?
    anyway, the zoo gets my vote. saturday and farmer’s markets too maybe? east burn is a fun bar– they have an outdoor patio with swings!!

    • I’d like a recipe for the world’s easiest baked apricots! I love warm fruit. And I agree with the zoo if they’re zoo types. And Voodoo Donut, just because it’s famous. Who’s coming?


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