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Number 3

You know that feeling you get in your chest when you’re really attracted to someone you can’t have?  Like the longing is physically welling up inside you, putting pressure on your sternum?   

That feeling’s equal parts bitter and sweet.  It hurts like hell to know that such a wonderful person could exist but be unattainable.  On the other hand: such a wonderful person exists!  And maybe you’re not going to be able to make that person a regular feature in your life, but it’s a little bit less mundane now that the desire’s there, even if it’s unfulfillable.   

Number 3 gives me that feeling in my chest. 

Queen of Country isn’t the right title for Reba McEntire; it’s too grandiose for someone whose singing is more about feeling than power.  Listen to the third verse/refrain.  There’s something I can’t quite put my finger on about the way she sings “…and then they walked away.”  And then there’s the way she breaks her voice on “aching” that last time.


Fair Warning: The video for this dips its baby toe half-way into the lake of Tell Me I Was Dreaming-style absurdity.  The missionaries-in-South-America premise is unnecessary, but it doesn’t diverge from the narrative of the song, and it doesn’t really make it any less relatable.  There are two (2) brief, very tame overdubs of small children yelling (with subtitles, ugh.), but no one’s falling out of his wheelchair, and no one’s calling anyone else Mac.  On balance, it’s all perfectly harmless.  Please stop screaming.


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  1. The African thing was not what I imagined that video to be like in my head. It works (although, really? Just somewhere in Central Africa?) but it’s odd. That song is awesome, though. Can’t wait for two and one.

  2. Sorry, Central America. I misread the subtitle. It’s still weird, though, because it’s just somewhere in Central America. Not any specific country. Just somewhere in that general vicinity.


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