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In which I take those fateful first steps down the slippery slope of resume doctoring.

I was updating the Major GPA on my resume today, and it suddenly occurred to me that my Major is not technically Accounting, but rather Business Administration with an Accounting focus. 

As is pretty well documented on this grumpy little website, this fact has historically been a source of deep annoyance to me.  It has meant whole minutes dedicated to the contemplation of subjects like Market Segmentation and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, which I find impossibly boring (not to mention kind of obvious).  It has meant lots and lots of extra money dedicated to paying for classes that were frequently taught by total tools. 

But it also means that my “Major” GPA technically includes all of those classes, most of which I would have had to have been brain-dead not to make an A in.  They make a difference, though not an enormous one.  Without the Business Classes, I have a good GPA (less good than it was, courtesy of Taxation).  With them, I have a very good GPA.   It probably wouldn’t even matter if I had some relevant experience under my belt — but I don’t, so I’ll take my legs up where I can get them. 

So yeah, I’m probably going to Hell.  You can bet your ass Satan’s not gonna dare look me in the eye while he’s flogging me, though; that mofo never had to try to land a job in this town.  Minor consolations are similar to legs up in that I am resigned to taking them where I can get them.


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  1. Those classes should count for something, though. You paid good money to deal with that bullshit. Besides, that’s what 85% of working is…slogging through the required crap. That you successfully completed those means you’ll do well in a traditional business setting. So it’s totally legit to factor it in to your GPA. And if you ever need to pretend I’m a former supervisor for recommendations, just let me know where I supposedly work.

    Ps: parents have finally left. I am moved in.

  2. SWEET. I’ll be texting you shortly.


    Secondly, hells yeah you should include all the bullshit classes in your resume GPA. What the fuck else could they possibly be asking for? While it may not be your proudest accomplishment, acing business school is completely relevant to these sorts of applications. Go for it! I write that I was an honors student…which I kind of was…but I’m hoping employers take that to mean that I graduated with honors. =P I know, I’m lame.


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