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Soy Curls taste a whole hell of a lot like TVP.  That’s not necessarily bad…just unexpected.  I guess it shouldn’t be, though, cause it looks like they’re essentially made of the same core stuff; TVP’s just more processed.  That ‘V’ is pretty misleading, though. 

Also, TVP isn’t out there marketing itself as the superior alternative to Tofu; it’s comfortable being an also-ran in the curious world of meat replacements, like Seitan.        



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  1. PICTURES. I REQUIRE PICTURES. And an actual product review. What the deuce is TVP? Why are you doing this to me!


    Pssst…is this because I practically had a seizure when you said you didn’t like the Iphone? Because I’m very sorry. I may have a “problem” when it comes to Iphones. People actually lean away from me when they use one, I think they can tell. Also, the gasp-shriek of delight is maybe a little disturbing. Forgive me!

    • There’s a link to the Wikipedia entry on TVP in my post. See? It’s underlined.

      It would be nice if the Vermillion Christmas theme changed the color of hyperlinked words, but we must love our Blog themes despite their faults, you know? Speaking of which, you’ve had yours for a long time now…are you thinking about changing it? Because that might be fun.

      Anyway, TVP is Textured Vegetable Protein. It’s these little granules that they use in a lot of veggie burgers and the like. And while you’d expect it to be made from, well, vegetables, Wikipedia claims it’s made from Soy Flour. Go figure.

      You have to rehydrate it, just like soy curls, and then it’s sort of like a super-overcooked grain. I’m pretty sure I’m the only person who thinks it tastes good straight. Most people use it as a filling or texture-enhancer for other dishes (like veggieburgers or chili).

      Pictures would have required a camera. And don’t worry: your smart phone rant was no bigs. There is, deep down, something that bothers me how about these companies have turned discussing their marketing strategies into a way to sell their phone to people (like…I feel like part of the reason people buy the iPhone is because they read those articles on Wired and think Steve Jobs is such a genius for locking in a contract with AT&T), and I need to just let that go, because it’s not hurting anyone, and it’s none of my goddamn business. So you rightly sensed some genuine hostility toward the phones themselves, is what I’m saying here.

      I always make Ashley let me play with her iPhone for a minimum of 10 minutes whenever we hang out. I’m especially fond of the Properties for Sale in your neighborhood feature.

  2. zillow! it’s on the internet as well. just saying.
    also, you know that song that had the poker face sample, but i couldn’t remember it? here:
    ps good call on the breakfast place!!

  3. Okay, so, I saw the pictures of TVP. And I have to tell you, that stuff looks a little gross. Like, so much so that TVP is now my new vegetarian equivalent to sweetbreads.

  4. Which, btw, really shouldn’t be called sweetbreads. Because it will really piss you off if you bother to go for a nice dinner and your order of cinnamon-roll type thingies turns out to be offal. Almost happened to me once, but I think the waiter intuited that I was an idiot.


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