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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Drink Recipe: Rainy Sunday

1 Part Vodka

1 Part Apple Cider Vinegar

2 Parts Club Soda

Serve in a chilled glass with a stirrer (the vodka tends to settle to the bottom).  No ice necessary.  Adjust quantities to increase/decrease potency.

The vodka intensifies the vinegar’s bite, and the club soda washes away the sour aftertaste.  It may be better with tonic or seltzer; I’m not sure.  I use club soda because it doesn’t have a strong flavor, but it doesn’t make the drink as fizzy as I’d like.

It’s not the most exciting drink you’ll ever mix, but it’s nice to sip on while you’re cleaning the apartment or making dinner.  It might also be marginally healthy, thanks to the vinegar. 

Good Spring Break this year.  Knoxville is lovely, and Nashville is just frickin’ cool — especially so for a Southern City.   Tennessee is highly underrated.