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Monthly Archives: February 2009

I don’t really read the news when I’m taking classes because I feel like I can’t justify reading anything but the massive backlog of assigned reading for my classes. Not that I can ever actually bring myself to crack open a textbook, mind you. But all the time I know I should be reading the damn overpriced tomes, and the guilt keeps me from enjoying reading other stuff.

This is a horrible situation, because casual reading prevents me from obsessing over tiny problems in what is by and large a very pleasant and easy existence. That idiot who always gets quoted about “The Unexamined Life” needed to sit down and talk to me on a really introspective day before he went and ran his mouth off about shit he didn’t even understand.

That was more of an explanation than I really needed to provide.

Anyway. I don’t really get any exposure to current events when school’s in session. So it’s been interesting (and horrifying), lately, to hear about Great Depression 2.0 in snippets from teachers during my classes. I’ll go for days living my life as if everything were completely normal, and then all of the sudden a professor will remind me that the entire universe is crumbling around us, to a Greek Chorus of students who echo and expand upon his (no hers this quarter) thoughts.

Then I’ll leave class, and after about half an hour of feeling morbid and panicked, I’ll go back to obsessing over one of my many relatively minor character flaws…until the next teacher’s doomsday report.  It occurs to me that I am bad at maintaining perspective sometimes.

But so last class, the instructor’s doom and gloom topic of choice was the frightening lack of consumer confidence, and how every body’s saving like crazy, and no body’s buying anything right now, and how this is furthering the downturn.

So I just want everyonne to know that, no matter how bad the doomsday status updates get, I continue to spend money like a drunken sailor. In a time where nothing is certain, you can trust completely in my megalomania, impulsiveness, and lack of good sense.

Just today, I bought a new mattress (new to me, anyway), some overpriced food at the fancy grocery store (nothing fills the void like shopping for fancy groceries, take it from me), and some Mike N’ Ikes (the new Lemonade ones are so tasty that I can eat them without thinking about my poor, abused teeth). Armed with merely a Visa card and a need to kill time in a way that doesn’t involve required reading, I will continue to fight the good fight.

You’re welcome, America.