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Happy 3-Year Anniversary, Portland. You’ve Been A Good Home Thus Far.

There’s a really tense moment that immediately follows the discovery of a tooth in the bite of veggie burger you’ve just taken. In this moment, you must decide which of the following situations will be more distressing:

The tooth is your own. (Alarming and Expensive.)

The tooth is someone else’s. (Disgusting and Disturbing).

Ultimately, I decided that the former would be an easier reality to deal with. Lucky for me, a quick once-over with my tongue revealed that I was missing half of my top left pointy tooth. (Or “top left canine”, as Ashley assures me the proper name is.)

It’s a weird feeling, only having half of a tooth. I can’t stop touching the space where the other half used to be. I have to feel the contours over and over and over. It’s replaced biting my finger nails as my preferred unconscious activity.

I also have to be really careful about smiling too broadly, now. I’ll post pictures a little bit later, if I can get myself over the vanity hurdle.

Quarter inch of snow last night. It’s almost all gone by now, but I’m still a little freaked out. I thought I had a firm grasp on Portland weather by now, but all of my beliefs have been thrown out the window this winter.

It is absurd how much time I devote to contemplating and discussing the weather. I hate to give Oasis any credit, but they were dead-on about how it makes or breaks your day.

There’s a new vegan bar up on Alberta. According to (extremely carnivorous) H-Bomb, it has very good food, and an excellent happy hour. H-Bomb didn’t even realize it was a vegan bar until she tried to order a White Russian*, and got a look of epic disgust from the bartender.
Anyway, if anyone’s up for it, let me know.

*A quick caveat about White Russians. If you attempt to make a vegan version, DO NOT use non-dairy creamer.  Ashley and I discovered this on New Year’s. Being the exceptionally literal people we are, we figured that it would make our drinks both creamy and free of dairy. We were right on both counts, but because it’s not called Non-Dairy SHIT, I’ma barf right now Creamer, we failed to consider that this might also be a possible taste dimension. Chalk that one up to lessons learned the hard way, I guess. That, and New Year’s Resolutions that will be easy to keep.


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  1. if you can handle a little regular milk, i have since discovered that if you add chocolate to a white russian it is the. most. delicious. thing. ever.
    also thank you for the kind words about my driving!
    also also, see you at nordstroms. and whole foods.


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