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Happy 2009.  The lack of posting for the last month was mainly due to my not wanting to deal with computers over winter break; I was basically chained to one of the rental computers at work for the duration of fall quarter, and that was a miserable existence.  

But I managed to get a lot of stuff accomplished over the past 4 weeks — including the procurementof a new digital camera!  It’s not as nice as the last one (the lighting in all of the pictures is kind of dim), but I still really like it.  It’s red, and its shape reminds me a little of a 1950s station wagon.  My new rule is that it stays in my jacket pocket at all times.  That way, I’ve always got it around in case something snapshot-worthy presents itself, but there’s little danger of it ending up in the laundry pile. (The jacket is dry-clean only.  There are no dry-cleaners in my neighborhood.  Problem solved.) 

Unfortunately, it’s January in Western Oregon and I just started the second term of Intermediate Accounting, or “The Really Hard One”, as my fellow night school students affectionately refer to it.  (The first term was just “The Hard One.”)  What this means is that the only things to take pictures of are fir trees against a gray background (make that extra gray, thanks to this camera’s lighting issues), and there’s no time to go out and take pictures because I’m too busy journalizing the effects of troubled debt restructurings.  Present value is a demanding and jealous mistress. 

Mean time, you’ll have to settle for crappy disposable camera pictures I took of the December Snowstorm. 


I’ve deemed it “The Great White Apocalypse,” because it litterally shut down half the city for nearly two weeks, and because I’m predisposed toward grandiosity. 


Remind me to tell you about waiting an hour and a half in 27 degree weather for a bus that, according to the transit hotline “may or may not” show up. 


Then remind me to tell you about riding with Ashley in her small Japanese sedan from Beaverton over the West Hills to my apartment.  In the dark.  Without snow chains.  Which, incidentally, we would have been fined $200 for if we’d been caught.  Which was really the least of my worries: the only other sedan we saw on 26 without snow chains happened to be banked on the side of the road and covered in at least 6 inches of powder.  Remind me to tell you about the incredible patience Ashley displayed when she resisted kicking me out of the car for anxiously pointing this out to her. 


Especially remind me to tell you about walking (crawling, really) 15 blocks in the snow alongside the highway portion of 82nd Avenue where there’s no sidewalk and dirty snow is piled up 2 feet high.  This was to get to the hotel room I’d rented so  that I’d be close to the airport in the hopes I might actually make my 8 o’clock flight out on Christmas Eve.   That was actually kind of a fun adventure, believe it or not.   And then I got to the hotel, and it turned out they had a cocktail lounge.  So, ultimately a rewarding excursion.

Finally, of course, we have some YouTubeage.  I’m in love with this video, especially the part that starts around 2:34.  The song-within-a-song trick is something Joni Mitchell pioneered, by the way.  And it’s executed beautifully here.  I seriously hardcore want to be one of those back-up singer clones.  They’re just so chic.

Oh, yeah.  In case you were curious, Ashley managed to get us to my apartment without once skidding off the road into a ditch.  She is an amazingly calm and focused driver.  I am buying her snow chains and flares for her birthday.


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  1. Wow. That’s a lot of snow. Somehow, even though I heard that there was, you know, a lot of it…I still didn’t imagine that it was quite THAT MUCH.

    It was sleeting here yesterday. Only a little. But I had to park my car 8,000 miles away, on the street, so that I could go to work at 5am and not have to worry about sliding down the driveway into that giant dumpster. Guess what? On the way to warm up the car, I slipped and fell on my ass. And then my day at work sucked, because I have the worst job in the world.

    Also, Principles of Chemistry is hard. It is almost as hard as Intermediate Accounting II sounds. W claims to know how to do it, but all he does is write out a bunch of numbers. He magically gets the right answer about 96% of the time. And when he does, I’m sitting there going “what? What?!!? WHAT DID YOU DO THERE?” Miss you. Miss both of you.

  2. I wish we could get even a smattering of that kind of snow here in GA. I want a real goddamn winter. It’s probably a sign that I should move north, and it’s probably right. And even though those pictures are “crappy disposable camera pictures,” I really like them, especially the one of The Little Chapel of the somethingsomething.”

  3. Those are the words of someone’s who’s never had to wade through 14 inches of snow in crappy Payless shoes from their apartment to the street.

    Speak not of what you know not, little Sun-Belter.


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