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1. Have been renting a computer at work, trying to get some homework done, for the past 2 and half hours. 

2. Current homework to YouTube ratio is approximately 1 to 9. 

3.  Should be outside.  Clear fall days like this are precious and sparse.  Want to be lying under a tree reading something that is not related to the Decision-Making policies of the Financial Accounting Standards Board. 

3a. Not that they’re not interesting, it’s just that they require a higher level of thinking than I really want to commit myself to today. 

4a. Frustration.

4b. Self-loathing.

4c. Fatigue. 

4c1. Mostly fatigue, actually.

5. Anyway, enjoy the fruits of my procrastinator’s labor:

5a. Crappy Early 80s Nu Wave Apple. The lead singer’s kind of cute, anyway.

5b. Crappy Late 80s Pop Cantelope. It’s alright; you don’t have to make eye contact with me anymore. I’m ashamed of myself, too.  It’s just so catchy.

5c. Awesome Buckingham Nicks Pineapple. You’re welcome, Ashley. 

5d. Sorry. I was trying to be cute with the fruit thing. I do that a lot, I think — try to be cute and coy and come off as annoying and asinine instead. 

5d1. Self-Loathing Redux.


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  1. i didn’t even know buckingham nicks existed! thanks, buddy!

    ehm. not much else. it was good seeing you the other day.


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