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So Vancouver was lovely.  I have a handful of pictures, but be forewarned: they’re all Will’s, and Will doesn’t like taking pictures very much.

This, by the way, is the view from our hotel room.  Since we didn’t really know where to go, a good portion of our time was spent standing on the balcony and gazing out in wonder.

This last one is probably my favorite.  Vancouver is a pulsing cosmopolitain city… with coyotes roaming its public beaches and owls swooping down to capture you in the city parks: the gap between New York and Yosimite bridged a mere thirty minutes north of the border.  Interestingly, what you should do to avoid owl attack is almost identical to what the signs say you should do to prevent a coyote from mauling you.  In case of a tandem assault, you’re totally covered. 

What you cannot see in that picture from our hotel room is the 24-hour pharmacy.  In PDX, everything that’s not a bar closes at 9 pm, but up there all the shops and cafes are open till midnight or beyond.   I liked that about Vancouver.  Even though I go to bed at like 9:45 (right after Matlock’s over I’ve taken out my dentures), it’s comforting to know the rest of the city’s still up and going that late.  It feels like a truer city for that.

But so getting back to our own, less true city: The Grotto.  Have you guys been?  If not, will you go with me?  I ended up wandering down there yesterday afternoon, and it’s beautiful.  And you’d think all the Catholic imagery would make it weird for secular visitors, but all of it’s so lovingly created and technically well-done that it’s easy to get into regardless of your feelings torward religion.  It’s also only $3.50 (the Japanese Garden is more than twice that), and is staffed by real live habit-wearing nuns.  Definitely worth the trip, but it’d be better if I had someone to go with me.

I’m still on an early 90’s Country kick, so music this week is Toby Keith.  Judge me not; this song is pretty. 


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  1. that eagle-wolf dyad thing is insane. and like an environmentalist’s idea of heaven, i’m sure. 🙂

    have you linked to ‘neon moon’ yet? you did, right? but hey, remember this one ?


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