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The Last Pictures My Poor, Waterlogged Camera Ever Took

So this is the Gorge.  Most of these (where it’s misty and awesome) were taken on the Western Edge, near Troutdale.  The last one (where it’s sunny and awesome) is further East, close to Hood River. 

This building is situated at the edge of a bluff near Multnomah Falls.  It apparently used to be a rest stop on the Columbia River Highway — a rest stop with marble floors and stained glass windows and a killer view.  I had to step outside and count to ten to keep from hyperventilating when I found this out. 

It is unbelievably cool to know that there are people out there who feel the same way as I do about the glorious instituion they call interstate travel.  All it needs to make it perfect is a 24-hour diner with a smoking section. 

I’ve been looking at real estate in Hood River all week.  It looks like, if I save up for a couple years, I could probably afford to make the payments a one acre lot with a manufactured home and a decent view.  Not that I would actually ever do this, but it’s important for my fantasy life that I’ve determined I could do it.  Strangely enough, my imagination demands that I be pragmatic about stuff like this. 

I’ve lately been YouTubing a bunch of the music I listened to when I was six.  That was right after my parents split, and on the nights we were at my dad’s house, I always went to sleep with CMT blaring on the TV.  (When I was 7, I graduated to Nick at Nite, and never looked back). 

I didn’t realize that I missed Brooks and Dunn, but it turns out I really, really did.  So do you: see if this doesn’t make you yearn for 1993. (YouTube wouldn’t let me embed this.  Sorry.)  Dunn really has one of the best voices in contemporary country music, and Brooks defies aesthetic norms by looking handsome with that pubic brick of a mustache.  Also, because I have to Wikipedia everything: they apparently live down the street from each other in Nashville.  Cool that they’ve stayed that close after all this time.


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  1. I forget I like country music sometimes because all the new stations are in that crossover pop/country thing and it’s horribly kitschy. The country we had as kids was country music, whereas this new stuff is music that pretends to be country. Like, country music should be about tractors or fishing, so I’m going to make a song about those and see if it tops the charts. Ick. Another reason why have little incentive to start listening to the radio.

    That bit about them living on the same street makes me happy. So does that picture of your mom. She seemed like a really nice person when I talked to her at the wedding. I’m glad to hear she had a good time.


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