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Every once in a while, you’re surfing YouTube on a Sunday morning cause you’re too awake to go back to sleep but too tired to get anywhere beyond the computer lab across the street, and you have a mild headache, and you realize (yet again) that the weekend’s almost over and you’ve accomplished none of what you promised yourself you’d do, and being alive feels momentarily like a frustrating, pointless trial. But then YouTube hits you with something unexpected and wonderful, and you think to yourself: Hot Damn, I love Sunday mornings.

I actually like this version better than the album one, which is saying a good deal, considering my less-than-subtle feelings about that particular album. But I think it works better when she sings it like this. The themes here are a little more mature than the other ones on the album, and so I think a deeper voice and weary tone are fitting.

I also have Georgia pictures.

This is not one of them, though. My stop-over on the way home was in Salt-Lake City, and it was beautiful, actually. I’ve been told that up close the city is super-boring, but from afar it’s nice. 80 degrees, no humidity, and desert draped over the mountains behind the business district like a throw blanket on an especially jagged piece of furniture. I’d like to see the place in winter.

Going South on 400 at the Dawson-Forsyth county line.

So I haven’t really seen much of my Gramma the last few times I’ve been home. She drives my mom insane, so she tries to keep her visits to a minimum. But since I had an entire week with nothing to do, and she doesn’t work, we decided we’d spend an afternoon together, and it was a surprisingly nice time. She’s a good deal less senile than my mom worries, and we actually had a really good conversation about Oregon and relatives in Mississippi (“He’s not going to live in Jackson? But where the hell in Mississippi do you live if you don’t live in Jackson?” “…the Delta, I guess.” Nice one, Gramma.) and how much her part of Dekalb county is being developed lately. (She was excited about the new TJ Max; I was very sad about it).

Mountain excursion! This is Blairsville, near Brasstown Bald. I stopped to pick up some snacks at the Bi-Lo before heading home, and it was very clear that every single teenage mother in that grocery store felt strongly that I did not belong there. Seeing me climb into an eggplant-colored Lexus convertible (thanks, Dad) with my groceries probably did not do much to change that impression.

My dad took me to Chattanooga for a day to show me his new office there. He seems pretty convinced that I am going to move back and work there someday, which is funny in the way that people who think Jesus is going to come back and take all of the righteous people to heaven is funny.

He did make an awfully persuasive case, though. One of the sales people there had a 1930s craftsman bungalow in the trendy part of town.  The next sentence I am about to type is getting its own paragraph; you’ll understand why when you read it.

He paid 89K for it. (Told you you’d understand.)

A house like that would go for 289 in Portland, bare minimum. That cocksucker is only 2 years older than me, and I can’t even afford to air condition my tiny studio. On the other hand, my hot and tiny studio is 2000 miles closer to the Pacific Ocean than his awesome, climate-controlled bungalow. I’m pretty sure that means I win.

The cool thing I didn’t realize about Lookout Mountain is that it actually straddles the Georgia-Tennessee line. So you can be driving down a winding residential street, and all of the sudden you see a Welcome to Georgia sign (on top of a mountain, no less). Then you turn at the stop sign, and you’re back in Tennessee (and still on top of a mountain). My dad and I are probably the only two people in the whole world who find this thrilling.

McDaniel Manor. Easily the best part of the trip. Nothing makes me more nostalgic for the Piedmont than coming down the driveway and seeing this house for the first time in months.

My dad and Pat are still unashamedly more emotionally forthcomming with their dogs than with other humans. The dogs still try to eat cat poop when no one is looking. All is right with the world.


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  1. I’ve only been to Georgia twice: 5 hours of hell between the Atlanta airport and a shitty motel, and then again driving through it from Orlando up to North Carolina.

    Can’t say my impressions of the state are all that great, but damn! The housing prices are agreeable. Glad you enjoyed your time there.

    And I totally want to see you in an eggplant-colored Lexus convertible!

  2. No fair formatting after you post. I saw that.

    And she’s only eight weeks old and she’s only been allowed in the house for a week, so complete housebreaking won’t really be possible yet, but she’s already got the basic principles down, it’s more a matter of watching her enough to make sure we do our end of the agreement (taking her outside). She’s mostly an outside dog, though. She likes to hang with Max and Rhea.

    And I second the comment regarding the eggplant-colored convertible. You should have taken a picture.

  3. Okay, I love the pictures. Gramma doesnt look too crazy to me. I think daughters always think thier moms are crazier then they are. SLC is beautiful in the winter, as is all of Utah. If youre going there, try to catch everything on Sunday. Some places are closed, but the places that are open are EMPTY. I lived in Utah for 2 years and I loved it. Stuff like being in 2 states at once really tickle my family too. Dont think youre alone. The house is gorgeous!! I would love to like in a small town, and pay next to nothing for my house. Rather be there then in the messed up state of California that I’m in now. Seriously. The dog however, looks a little crazy. I guess I’d look a little crazy, too, if I ate cat poop.


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