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Monthly Archives: April 2008

You know it’s been a while since you’ve lived in Georgia when walking outside and realizing you don’t need a jacket makes you slightly uneasy.

Hurray for warm weather:

Nothing else too exciting to report. Except:

CONGRATULATIONS, Ashley! With breath both boozed and bated do the greasy rock stars of this great city await your arrival. It shall be good times, I think. You might want to go ahead and stop washing your hair now in order to expedite the assimilation process.

Song of the week:

Stevie Nicks plus thumping beat equals O-Fucking-K by me.

In closing:

Happy Anniversary, Emily and William! I hope you guys and your demon sea mammal are enjoying yourselves.  Three years is quite an accomplishment for a 22-year old, if I do say so myself.

Oh, the Humanity! (Cannanity?)