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Holy Fuck.

There are no words.  Except for…well, I assume you saw my title.


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  1. I really hesitated to watch this clip until now b/c I feared she was going to be awful. If only I had listened to her earlier! Holy fuck is right. She’s incredible. I love her voice, and the arrangement is perfect. She really needs to get out of that bedroom and into a studio. She can easily make it.

  2. So. We have located the heir to the Fiona Throne. She is worthy. If somewhat…well, I guess pretentious and odd kinda goes with the territory, doesn’t it?

    I love her voice. Naturally.

  3. Although I have to say, I kind of hope that she doesn’t make it. Because girlfriend does NOT have the Fiona songwriting talent. Which I think would lead to some really disappointing albums. Because everyone would be in love with her voice! Her voice! But her songs…*sigh*…her songs. There’d be this great hope, that maybe she would mature and improve her songwriting ability. But the thing is, girlfriend is at least 17 or 18. And when Fiona was that age, she’d already written a collection of music that would change my life. And she’s done it twice more since then.

  4. Yeah. I’m not that interested in her as a recording artist so much as I am her interpretation of this song. Because it really isn’t something that should be possible accoustically, but she totally works it here. Makes it sound better than the original, in a way. Listen to her version of Hey 19. It’ll knock your socks off.

  5. Mmm, I totally agree with that. She could never write like Fiona. I didn’t think about the songwriting aspect of it. Still, what a voice.

  6. aaww unavailable.. now i’m curious.

  7. who is that girl?


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