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So as long as we’re all calling dibs on houses:

I either want to live here…

I will never be able to afford this.

…or here…

I will be able to afford this even less.

…or here.

Maybe if the housing market bottoms out, I will be able to afford this place. Fingers crossed.

As long as I’m posting more pictures, here’s a cat on a window sill. Because it turns out that my neighborhood has lots of cats when it’s not cold and gray and miserable.

As soon as he took the picture, he jumped from the window sill UP ONTO THE ROOF.  It was the most impressive thing I’d ever seen.

And finally, here’s the sun setting over I-5. God, Saturday was fucking perfect.


As for music: By and large, I am more enamored the idea of Neil Young than of his actual music, but I think the way this song opens is brilliant. As per usual, the video accompanying this is silly and irrelevant. People should just do photo montages of the artist; everyone knows that’s what works best.


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  1. i feel like that about judy collins.

    and kanye west, sometimes.

    i see you in the second house best, i think.


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