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The First Warm and Sunny (by Western Oregon standards, anyway) Day in My Neighborhood, 2008.

Ainsworth Fountain

Bridge to Groceries

House 1

House 2

These are all on the same street, by the way.

House 4

Cat on the Sidwalk

Cat on the Street


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  1. so that first house, with the brick front and the big window and the two trees? we are so going to buy that house.

    also, the best part about the dentist in atl? it’s called gentle dental. which sounds like a promise to me!!

  2. And I’m going to buy that house next to it. Dude, Portland looks so fucking cool. I have to make it out there.

    Also, that bridge is exactly like the swirly bridge in GHP Valdosta. Wait, no it isn’t. My bad.

  3. Heyyyyyy Ashley? If you buy that house, can I live there sometimes? Like, a timeshare?

  4. I like the cats in your neighborhood, man. Two of those= 1 Vitas.


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