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Yeah, so all that bullshit about personal growth? My Bad.

One of my left molars presently resembles a cross-section of the Grand Canyon, complete with a little Colorado River of dried blood at the base. I bit into something last night — it was probably the third or fourth piece of Laffy Taffy, now that I think about it –, and managed to knock a huge chunk right out. I don’t know exactly which piece of Taffy because I didn’t even notice I was missing the chunk until I ran my tongue over the tooth; apparently it’s so rotted that I don’t even feel it when parts break off. Even more disturbing is that I was initially nonplussed by this discovery, as it was the second time I had discovered a piece of the tooth missing in the past few months.

I am going to receive a little over a grand for my tax refund, and am owed almost that much in tuition reimbursement from work. And how do I plan on spending this sum as large as the bill for a root canal?

That’s right, bitches: Vacations and Take-Out Meals. AWWW, YEAH.

Music for this week is Ms. Mitchell, because I’m out of fresh ideas. You’ve all heard this song; you just haven’t heard it live.

Music this week is also brought to you by the grace and beauty of an Ashley Mix CD. Occasionally, I think this song would strike me more deeply if it were interpreted with a little more bitterness than it is here. But Meg Baird’s version is still beautifully melancholic and resigned. You’ll want to minimize your browser so you don’t have to watch the YouTube video, though. And fast-forward through the first 10 or so seconds so your first impression isn’t sullied by Orlando Bloom’s insulting line delivery.


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  1. Dude. You are going to be RICH. To hell with the root canal. We should go to the mall and get you a grill. PLATINUM, betch.

  2. But seriously, though, if you want help shopping around for a cheap dentist (ours is great but I don’t actually know how cheap he is…we get bills for $30 after insurance) I’m your girl. I’ll call dentists and threaten them. I’ll tell them how hard you work, and how sad it would be if you ended up with No-Dental-Insurance-Mouf. That’s the mouf they show in the meth commercials, man. =(

  3. dude. shut up orlando bloom. i don’t care if you don’t live up to your success. buck up.

    i’m sorry about your tooth. that is kind of disturbing… i could hook you up with a cheap dentist in the atl if you need. it’s the one all the uninsured students go to here. i’m sure they could fit you with a good grill. the kind with your initials in!

  4. Ow, man. I did a molar a few years ago with a lifesaver. I felt it crack in half. got a crown, they put it on a little crooked, so for 4 years it more or less was a constant minor irritant, until it just fell out one night while I was playing Word Mojo gold or video poker. And then, suddenly, there is this 400 AMP short circuit in my nervous system between that missing piece of ceramic and my brain so that I would do anything to have it stop relaying that the universe was imploding and we were all going to …. well, you know. Anyhow. I totally sympathize with your spending your life savings on getting it fixed. Get a good dentist, the best you can find. Emo should know better. And she knows why.


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