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Monthly Archives: February 2008

It occasionally bewilders me just how spatially oblivious I am these days. I tend to think of Portland as a large town with no geographical relationship to the rest of the continent.

Every once in a while, though, it will suddenly hit me that I live in Oregon, a state I was barely conscious of before moving out here, perched atop the most culturally and economically significant state in The Union — yet scores away from any of the cities that have earned it this title.

At this point the realization will come over me that I have lived about 98 or so percent of the past two years less than 90 miles from the Pacific Ocean, and about the same distance from the sort of Mountains whose existence I honestly find dubious.  How the fuck did that happen?

I can intellectualize that my orientation is on the West Coast, but I can’t really internalize it — not the way I could in North Georgia. I think this has a lot to do with my being largely distracted when I moved here, and my present lack of automobile.

These are the last pictures I’ll post for a while, I promise. I took these way back in October, when Fall was the greatest thing that had ever happened to me. Unfortunately, it got rainy right after I finished the roll, and Fall became the most compelling reason to never leave the apartment that had ever happened to me. So I didn’t get them developed until last weekend, when it started being nice again.

Anyway — Fall in Portland. Here we go.

Max Station

The MAX Station on my street.

N. Omaha

N. Omaha Avenue.



The Cliff

N. Willamette Blvd.

Slope I

The West Hills from my side of The River.

Slope II

The slope from N. Willamette down to The River.

That’s it for this week. No music cause YouTube’s down.

Oh, and Ms. McDaniel? You should call me sometime. I haven’t talked to you since Christmas.


Holy Fuck.

There are no words.  Except for…well, I assume you saw my title.

So as long as we’re all calling dibs on houses:

I either want to live here…

I will never be able to afford this.

…or here…

I will be able to afford this even less.

…or here.

Maybe if the housing market bottoms out, I will be able to afford this place. Fingers crossed.

As long as I’m posting more pictures, here’s a cat on a window sill. Because it turns out that my neighborhood has lots of cats when it’s not cold and gray and miserable.

As soon as he took the picture, he jumped from the window sill UP ONTO THE ROOF.  It was the most impressive thing I’d ever seen.

And finally, here’s the sun setting over I-5. God, Saturday was fucking perfect.


As for music: By and large, I am more enamored the idea of Neil Young than of his actual music, but I think the way this song opens is brilliant. As per usual, the video accompanying this is silly and irrelevant. People should just do photo montages of the artist; everyone knows that’s what works best.

The First Warm and Sunny (by Western Oregon standards, anyway) Day in My Neighborhood, 2008.

Ainsworth Fountain

Bridge to Groceries

House 1

House 2

These are all on the same street, by the way.

House 4

Cat on the Sidwalk

Cat on the Street

Yeah, so all that bullshit about personal growth? My Bad.

One of my left molars presently resembles a cross-section of the Grand Canyon, complete with a little Colorado River of dried blood at the base. I bit into something last night — it was probably the third or fourth piece of Laffy Taffy, now that I think about it –, and managed to knock a huge chunk right out. I don’t know exactly which piece of Taffy because I didn’t even notice I was missing the chunk until I ran my tongue over the tooth; apparently it’s so rotted that I don’t even feel it when parts break off. Even more disturbing is that I was initially nonplussed by this discovery, as it was the second time I had discovered a piece of the tooth missing in the past few months.

I am going to receive a little over a grand for my tax refund, and am owed almost that much in tuition reimbursement from work. And how do I plan on spending this sum as large as the bill for a root canal?

That’s right, bitches: Vacations and Take-Out Meals. AWWW, YEAH.

Music for this week is Ms. Mitchell, because I’m out of fresh ideas. You’ve all heard this song; you just haven’t heard it live.

Music this week is also brought to you by the grace and beauty of an Ashley Mix CD. Occasionally, I think this song would strike me more deeply if it were interpreted with a little more bitterness than it is here. But Meg Baird’s version is still beautifully melancholic and resigned. You’ll want to minimize your browser so you don’t have to watch the YouTube video, though. And fast-forward through the first 10 or so seconds so your first impression isn’t sullied by Orlando Bloom’s insulting line delivery.