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Monthly Archives: January 2008

2 Years Out

I was planning on doing a commemorative post for the 2-year anniversary of my move to Portland. I thought it was something meaningful, that I should be discussing all the ways in which I’ve changed (by which I hopefully mean grown) over the past 24 months.

But apparently it wasn’t meaningful enough for me to remember to write something on the actual day. This weekend it occurred to me that the exact date, January 23rd, had passed, like, 3 days ago.

I was regretful at first, but you know what? The reason I missed it is that I was too busy to think about it. I had to cram in a long work day, a paper to write, and lunch with Lisa at that awesome vegetarian buffet run by the cult (Pardon my blasphemy, Supreme Master.) This would seem to indicate that I’m too busy living my life to bother contemplating it, which is by far the most significant change I think I have made since my arrival here. Introspection’s awesome and everything, but my eyes are all scratched to hell from brushing up against my hairy navel for so long.   So perhaps the anniversary is more meaningful when neglected.  Just pretend I didn’t write anything at all on the subject.



Told you I was serious this time.


At the BART station in Oakland. This train actually travels under the bay for like 9 minutes…which sounds cool, until you’re actually hurtling through the tunnel and there all these abrasive screeching noises and you’re pretty sure the whole thing’s going to cave in.


Between the car, the hotel, and Liz’s Apartment, he’s just enjoyed nearly 48 hours of rest. And still, still he’s too tired to walk.


Liz is one of the most fun people I’ve ever met.


The Castro.


Streetscape in the general vicinity of the Castro.


Downtown. They call it the Financial District.


Downtown. I call it Downtown.


Approaching the Waterfront.


Lazy-Ass MoFo.


Liz’s Apartment in Oakland.


The View from Liz’s Apartment. (I know.)


Emily looks cute here. Liz looks genuinely warm and affectionate. The dog looks like Satan’s Elephant Seal.


My Cousin lives in San Mateo, and is much better at posing for photos than I am.


For Erin.


So on the way back to Oregon, we hit a pretty bad snowstorm. Actually, we hit several bad snowstorms. I was at the wheel when we hit the first, and managed to do a near 180 with the car. I am still a Georgia driver at heart, natch.

Anyway, we pull over to the side of the road to catch our breath, and while I’m climbing into the passenger seat and feeling grateful our fate was not that of the mini-van ahead of us that crashed into the snow bank, William is outside in his flimsy pea coat attempting to help the people in the van. Fucking do-gooder.


Hey, Oregon! It’s been a little while. How’ve things — oh, what’s that? You can’t talk right now because you’re too busy being the overcast embodiment of my depression? I understand. Well, good to see you anyway.

Winter Quarter: Week 1

When I am dead, if I can be remembered for just one thing, I want that thing to be my ability to ANSWER the QUESTION that was ASKED, Goddammit.

This never seems like a praiseworthy attribute to me until I am in class and listening to the other students attempt to reply to the professor’s extremely straightforward query with responses that test the limits of the word tangential.

And please don’t think I’m an asshole: I can excuse it when it’s the kids who very clearly came from shitty schools, and are attending college on loans and a prayer, but the kids who have fancy cell phones and IPods and were very clearly raised in the same Standardized Test-centric environment that I was need to shut their fucking faces if they don’t have anything relevant to say. Somewhere in suburban Atlanta, my Junior High English teachers are all spinning in their frumpy, self-righteous graves.

While we’re on the subject of my postmortem legacy: if I get to be remembered for two things when I am dead, I want the second to be my commitment to smelling nice in public.  I am not kidding.

Frisco pictures are forthcoming — not in the way the Vancouver pictures were “forthcoming”, no need to fret. This time around I’ve got a digital camera, and all I need is a USB cable to get these bad boys uploaded.