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It occurred to me yesterday that the part about turning 21 I’m really looking forward to isn’t the going to bars part, although that will be nice.

The part that’s really got me stoked is finally being able to rent a car so I can haul tail out of this rainy-ass valley and into the desert, where I can sit by a hotel pool with a cigarette and a mimosa and pretend to be a reclusive movie star hiding out in Palm Springs for a few days.

Yeah, so it pretty much rained here all weekend, which wouldn’t have been so miserable were it not for the powerful wind blowing the rain up onto everybody’s face. This made going out a huge, hypothermia-inducing nuisance.

But I did finally drag my ass out of the house on Sunday to go see the Bob Dylan movie, which was very well done, if a bit confusing to someone who knows jack shit about Dylan’s life or music. I like how they got Juliane Moore to play the Joan Baez character, though. It’s not the obvious choice, but it ends up being completely appropriate. Even better — and possibly the result of drug consumption –, though, was casting David Cross as Alan Ginsberg. I know. It just…it blows your mind every time his wacky, bearded face shows up on screen.

Today’s song was selected with Ashley in mind, but I think the rest of you will enjoy it, too. There’s this girl at work named Heather with whom I’ve jointly decided there needs to be a Fleetwood Mac Period of Quiet Reflection everyday at work. It would be like the ones they had at school, except less about passive-agressively inserting prayer in public schools, and more about the awesomeness of Rumours. The pre-selected FMac song will come on at some random point during the work day, and as soon as it does, everyone in the store has to shut the crap up for the song’s duration, and ponder the beauty of Stevie Nicks ethereal voice in the context of Lindsay Buckingham’s Utopian guitar chords. We feel this will serve as a much needed decompression time for customers and employees alike.

The only small schism we’ve encountered during the initial planning phase is over which song should be played. Heather’s pushing for Rhiannon, while I’m championing this one.


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  1. oh dude! that’s my favourite!

    i would totally sign up for fwpoqr. and it could be themed! like, the chain one week and then rhiannon the next? and every monday would be dreams, because you need to look forward to something starting the week!

    ok. this totally needs to happen now.

  2. I agree with Ashley, of having a different song for each day. And Dreams being on Monday. For serious.

  3. Well, I mean, if we’re going to do a different song everyday, then I want to have Sullen Girl Sundays. I know Fiona Apple isn’t technically Fleetwood Mac, but I’ve found that to be the best possible theme song to working on a Sunday afternoon. Especially when it’s raining.

  4. check this:

  5. So I totally copped out on the tattoos, but not in the way you’d think. I didn’t think I’d have enough money, but I will if I wait a few days. Unfortunately I won’t have an Erin with me, but I can be a man and do it by myself. 😉 Most likely I’ll get them on Monday morning, hopefully. I’ll let you know as soon as I get them, and I’ll definitely show them to you. You’ll just be here the 25th-30th? When do you leave on the 30th? I’m out of town the 25th-29th, so we’re going to have to make sure we get together.


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