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Start Checking Your Mailboxes

I needed a project, so you’re all getting mix CDs. 

It is ok if you don’t like the music; I just needed to feel productive for a few hours.

Ashley, I think Florida is a go.  Get your oil changed, for shit’s sake.


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  1. If I can get at least one Joni song (and I’m sure I will, knowing you), I’ll be MORE than thrilled.

  2. You and Ashley are going to Florida? Can I come? When? *whines* You guys always go everywhere without me!


    Mixed CDs sound like fun. I’ll work on yours. Oh, and the Amy Winehouse show was canceled, so you don’t have to worry about covering for me. I guess you can just go to FLORIDA with ASHLEY then.


    (Seriously, I want to go to Florida. I think. I’m totally inviting myself along here. Wait, where are we going in Florida?)

  3. I second the above comment. And you should go see the Guster show. Guster. Guster. Guster.

  4. apalachicola. i can’t even spell it. 🙂
    and now that you’re married, e, i get to be andrew’s new fake girlfriend! so exciting. don’t tell andrew you’ve invited yourself; i’ll invite you first.

  5. OMFG. No you DI’INT!

    I am Andrew fake girlfriend. My total unavailability is what makes it SPECIAL. 😉

    I’m excited about seeing you guys. Shirey, what’s the likelihood of running into you at Chez McDaniel?

  6. Hey, when you gonna be at Chez McDaniel??? Erin and I could carpool or something.

  7. I don’t know for sure yet, sometime between the 9th-11th of September, or we could do an early lunch before I head to the airport on the 17th?

  8. dude. you can’t have a husband and a fake boyfriend. i don’t even have a REAL boyfriend, let alone a fake. you have to leave us sad lonely people *something*! and by something, i mean andrew.

    and if any of you need a place to stay while you’re here? i’ll be in the new house by then! hardwood floors, you guys!

  9. Cool. I’m free anytime. E and ashley.

  10. Hey Andrew, what is that little smiley thing in the top righthand corner of this page? What does it mean? How did you put it there? Are you aware of it?

    And ASHLEY, YES, I CAN HAVE A FAKE BOYFRIEND. And you do so have one. A fake one, I mean. Well, a hanger-on, anyway. It’s good enough. Your hardwood floors sound fab.

  11. My new address:
    Andrew Frazier
    1035 Barnett Shoals Rd. Apt. 427
    Athens, GA 30605

  12. Dude. Did Afraz just violate some unspoken internet-anonymity rule? I feel a little frightened. Take that off. Send it to us in an email or something. What will your stalkers think, with you just throwing it all out there like that?! You’ve got to give them a bit of a chase, man.

  13. Have you guys all weighed in on the Purple Poll? Because I’m still not sure.

  14. Uh…shit. I totally didn’t think about that. I don’t have the power to delete it, but Andrew might?

  15. Mac’s Wok & Slop Shop will be open with the usual tasty comestibles during whatever time it was in September that e was supposed to send me an e-mail and tell me about; carp ooling is also a good plan.

    As for the e v. ashley debate about who is the real fake girlfriend, I think it’s just wonderful that &rew is the sort of man who has the wherewithal to cheat on his fake girlfriend– You go Andrew !!!

  16. Ah. And once again, my mother brings it all back around to my abdication of responsibility. I am totally sending that email, right now. I swear.

    Also, “carp ooling?”

    Oh, I just got it. Okay.

    Also, Hey Afraz stalkers! That’s not his real address! We’re just messin’ with ya! HAHAHA seriously. =)

  17. they’re like pine or something. it is seriously lovely.

    and ok, yea, but it’s only half a fake boyfriend, which wouldn’t even be enough to vote in the shareholders commitee if manlyfolk were a corporation.

  18. I don’t often say this to you, but update please! If I update by Wednesday, will you?


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