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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Start Checking Your Mailboxes

I needed a project, so you’re all getting mix CDs. 

It is ok if you don’t like the music; I just needed to feel productive for a few hours.

Ashley, I think Florida is a go.  Get your oil changed, for shit’s sake.


Sitting in my Bullshit Communication class right now.  The only redeeming value of this class is that it’s held in a computer lab, so I can do things like update my blog instead of pay attention.

I am currently half-listening to the crappy, off-on-a-perpetual-tangent lecture, and half-Googling pictures of Helen, Georgia.  (Last week it was Flagstaff, Arizona.  I really want to go there.)  Given that the class has been having an open discussion about new car models for the past five minutes, I figure I’m not really missing out on a wealth of Business Communication Skillz.

The only point at which I’ve so far given the instructor my undivided attention  was last week, during her long-winded tangent about internet usage monitoring in the workplace, as it suddenly occured to me that I was looking at gay porn on a networked computer.  Thanks for the subtle reminder, Professor Beckman. 

Dad and Pat’s visit was fun but exhausting.  I hadn’t really considered how much energy would go into entertaining two people for three full days.  But they both seemed to have a pretty good time, and mostly I think they were just happy to see me.

They both really liked Emily, too.  Pat was taken with her wholesome young adult routine (which is mostly an affectation, of course), and dad was impressed by her intelligence (which is not at all an affectation, of course).  They compared notes on Hong Kong at dinner on Sunday, which was awesome, if only because it meant that Pat didn’t speak for 5 full minutes.  (I like Pat, honestly I do, but the woman seems to think she’ll die if she doesn’t keep filling the room with her voice). 

Plus which I’d never heard my dad talk about all the places he and my mom went before my sister and I were born.  He said he bought a blue leisure suit in China.  For serious, you guys; he really, truly did.  Emily, I owe you a tremendous debt for that revelation. 

I’ll post more later, but class is over and Ashley just left me a very exciting voice mail.  Before I go though: Ms. McDaniel has updated for the first time in about 4 months.  It is a damn fine post, too.