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It’s true what they say: Hardwood Floors Really Do Make You a Better Person

I’m in the new apartment, and I have yet to unpack anything beyond a few dishes. The old apartment came with that big clunky armoire made of cork board where I could stash everything, but I’m going to have to buy a dresser and bookshelf for this place. Alas, they’re cracking down on overtime at work, so God knows when I’ll be able to afford furniture.

But when I do, you’re all spending the night on my new sofa. Every last one of you. Yes, even you, McDaniels. This is the only way I can repay you guys for having crashed on each of your sofas at some point. I will try to find that is as comfortable as possible. Emily, you’re the first on my list, since your sofa has pretty much become my second home.

But so I got William to help me move, which was great because he essentially does all the moving for you. You need merely to stand there and marvel at his strength and mattress-tying capabilities.

It’s nice to be somewhere new. I’m realizing lately that the two main things I need to keep from getting depressed are stuff to keep me busy almost (but not quite) to the point of stress, and regular periods of change. Unfortunately, those tend to be the two things I work to avoid more than almost anything else. I’m getting better, though.

Class this quarter is ridiculous. It’s a Business Communication course that I will need if I decide to pursue Accounting … which is awesome because the course content’s relation to the Accounting Profession could maybe optimistically be called tangential.

What Business Communication means to the Oregon University System is how to reconcile the art of Bullshitting with the science of Microsoft Office. It’s how to write a Memo that makes the subject matter sound more important than it actually is. It’s how give a 10-minute presentation using PowerPoint that makes the subject matter sound more worthy of a 10-minute presentation using PowerPoint than it actually is. It’s how to write a letter to your boss that makes you sound like more of a pompous asshole than you actually are. It’s how to not smack the class’s instructor in the face when she smugly tells you that she takes off a point for every ‘um’ you say during a presentation. I hate doing all of these things. I already can do all of these things. These things do not help me in any way to interpret and express financial data. I am so stoked.

The only other thing that’s going on (and this is a very major thing) is that the Video store in my new neighborhood has the 5th season of Six Feet Under, and that’s really how I’m spending most of my time lately. It’s been 2 years since I finished the 4th season, and I’ve been waiting for Blockbuster to get the 5th ever since.

I want a bumper sticker for my…um, public transportation that says “I HEART RUTH FISHER”. She’s just so delightful. Her signature move is to save up all of her anger and frustration until the last minute, at which point something minor and beside the point makes her devolve into a shrieking mess, and run off crying. I want her to be my crazy repressed lover or colleague or grandmother.

Anyway, I really should be getting back to the TV, now. I’m only half way through episode three, and today I’ve so far had to face reality for 5 hours and counting. I also want a bumper sticker that reads Drugs are Dead, Long Live HBO.

I will leave you with some more music. They’re both Joni Mitchell songs. The first one is off her debut album in ’68, and the second is off of Court and Spark, her commercial peak from ’74. The evolution between the two is astounding, I think. Ashley, I saved these as .wav files, so you can actually listen to them.

Night in the City

Raised on Robbery (My CD is busted, so I had to find it on YouTube.  And on YouTube, it’s background music for a Shelley Duval tribute.  Go figure.)

As an added bonus, here’s Linda Ronstadt’s version of The First Cut is the Deepest from YouTube (Eat your heart out, Sheryl Crow).


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  1. So, totally going to take off a point for you saying um in this post.

    In unrelated news, I occasionally want to spell post with an a. Like, poast. Like toast.

  2. Also, I have your new address on my phone, but I don’t have it, you know…here. Could you e-mail it to me? I have something to send you.

  3. The two comments looked lonely, so now you get a third. ::snuggles::

  4. man cannot live on franklin alone! i mean, for a while, definitely, but after a mo your heart grows sad and needs some tagteam hugs. franklin, we shall attack the andrew!

    so! i am so glad you like the apartment! it sounds wonderful!

    and dude, you are going to hate me, but i totally cannot listen to the files. i have tried, i swear, every way i know how. it may be time to cry and hang the head.

  5. Where do words like “couch” come from anyhow? Somewhere between crouch and ouch? It just doesn’t sound right for something soft and somniferous, now, does it? (And whoever runs this blog spot needs to pay for an upgrade to an unabridged dictionary for spell checking.) Somniferous is a by God good word. And I spelled it right, too.

    Did the box we sent you turn up yet? If I don’t sleep until noon, I’ll mail the other box tomorrow, that has in it what goes with the recipe on the index card in the first box that had the mix in it that I mentioned in your birthday card.

    (I am so going to have fun as an old person– stringing out stuff over months and months so that nothing ever makes any sense to anyone….) But, I do have to remember to open the box back up, (because after we found a box at home depot big enough for it and plenty of ghost poo to cushion it with and got your new address and taped the box all up, I went back upstairs and put away some things in the kitchen and found a part, without which, what was so nice and safe in the box would probably not be very easy to use), and put the part I found in the kitchen in the box before I mail it to you. (Obvious, I suppose, that it would not be a well-considered plan to put it in the box after I mailed it.) Past my bedtime now, for sure.

    And we will be honored to crash on your couch the very next time we are anywhere close to it and you.

    The W-e is once again speaking to me, having figured out that she can have her cake and eat it, too, and so can spare me a slice, every now and then.

  6. I loved the second Joni and the Linda Ronstadt. I couldn’t get the first Joni to play. Can I just say how jealous I am of your hardwood floors? You can show them off when I come to visit over fall break.

  7. so you should totally update!

  8. If you really missed me, you’d update.


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