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Oh, not for serious.

I went to request my transcript from UGA this morning. This time, I came dually armed with a Master Card, my Checking Account Number, and the wisdom of cruel experience.

…all of which proved completely impotent and irrelevant, because UGA only takes Cash Payments for transcripts. You have to mail them $2.00 — to a PO Box, no less, so you can’t FedEx it.

I just don’t know anymore, you guys.

In other harrowing news involving my payment of cash for goods and/or services, I’ve so far dedicated $1,105 plus gas and money order fees to land my new apartment. And I’ve probably expended twice that amount’s worth of anxiety. The rental agency requires that all cash payments be left in their drop box within 24 hours of requesting them. And they refuse to request it all as a big lump sum, which means lots of frenzied trips out to Beaverton at 11 at night. They will also call me at work demanding I fax them some documentation which I do not possess within the hour.

I’m going to be broke for probably the next month or so, and I’d be flipping out about it more were it not for the sustaining knowledge that I will be spending that impoverished month in an apartment with newly finished hardwood floors and a semi-separate kitchen room.

I’ll post pictures once I’ve moved in. Canada pictures, too. I swear.


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  1. Congratulations! These people sound like they will make fantastic landlords. And hey, speaking of apartments, lets start looking for ours. The neighbors were making fun of me from across the balcony today.

  2. Thanks for cleaning the kitchen, btw. You are awesome. We will miss you as a roommate. And your table. Not any of your other shit, though. That stuff be cloggin up mah hallway. Boo.

  3. Sheena’s in town…I’m sure she’d fill it out for you. That or I should be in Athens sometime next week. I could do it for you, so long as you don’t need it before then.

  4. hey buddy! i can do stuff too, if you need me to. atl is not really so far. 🙂

    yea… totally make sure you get rent to those guys early.

  5. UGA is awful, but yay for apartments, especially ones with newly-finished hardwood floors (jealous)! Um, that’s all. 🙂


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