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First thing’s first:  This is linked from WordPress’s main page.  Such a cool idea.  And sweet God, America has a lot of money.  I’d be lying, though, if I said I wasn’t into it mostly for the map aspect.

Second thing is more Laura Nyro.   I’ve decided that –vocal restraint be damned — I really do like her music.   It’s a far cry from the 70’s AM easy listening stuff to which I’m usually drawn, but there are times when it just kind of hits the spot for me, aurally.

This song is my favorite off of Eli and the Thirteenth Confession.  I think we can all agree that the bombast is completely justified here, if only for her repetition of the powerful epithet “super-ride inside my love-thing”.   I especially like the song’s climax.  (That’s a pun … only you won’t know why it’s a pun until you’ve listened to the song.)  I think of Ashley whenever I listen to this, for some reason; it just sort of seems like it should be her making love theme song.   “You may leave the fair, but you’ll be back, I swear.”  That just screams ‘Ashley’ to me.  Next time you’re having sex, Ashley, throw this on and see if it doesn’t nicely compliment your mental state.  Also, I hope I have not offended you with this paragraph.  It was certainly not my intention.

The Confession (It’s the thirteenth track on the album.  Get it?)

This second song is a live performance of another track off that album (recorded maybe 10 years later), and it’s the first thing I ever heard of Nyro’s.  It’s radically different from the original version, and while I really like the album cut, this one is more soulful and less cluttered. 

Sweet Blindness (It’s about drinking.)

 Friday is the last night I will spend in the first apartment I’ve ever rented.  I think I would be more sad about this if the place hadn’t been such a sty for the past month and a half.  I kind of lost the energy for keeping it immaculate once the end was in sight.  On Saturday, I am going out to pick up a van at the U-Haul place on Sandy Boulevard, and hauling all of my shit over to Chez Rousse.  And Sunday! Sunday I am going to nab that God-Damned dispoal camera from Emily’s room, walk it over Safeway, and get us all some overdue Canada pictures.


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  1. hey, i am having a hard time downloading the first song… email it to me?

  2. U has no want comments?

  3. I was at the Ingles in Calhoun today and they played Homecoming King, and then, directly afterward, Free Man in Paris. It made me very happy, but also it made me miss you.

    Also, I did get the accordian. You’re the best. For serious. I had no idea it’d be so heavy–sorry about that.


  4. OMG, how soon: Andrew

    I cannot believe that tomorrow you’ll be living here. Like, you went home tonight. And tomorrow, you’ll already BE home. Does that freak you out a little? It’s okay. You’ll adjust. We’ll throw the fats into your room around 3am, to help you. Move around in your new bed? HA. She thinks not.

  5. I really am skeptical about this U-Haul business, man. If you can’t get it, just give me a call. I’ll send the Mr. He should be up by then anyway, considering the fact that he fell asleep on the couch, like, NINE HOURS AGO. On the COUCH. So I can’t DO ANYTHING!!! BAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

  6. Poke him and poke him…yet he does not wake. Pinch his face and he just shouts incoherently for a minute. I’m getting very frustrated over here. We were supposed to go to the gym! Or hang out and watch a movie! Something, something besides SLEEPING ON THE FUCKING COUCH FOR NINE+ FUCKING HOURS! On a goddamn Friday night, I ask you? I ASK ALL OF YOU.

  7. Also, why the hell does my mother think that you don’t want comments?

    Ma? Do you need help with the “commentor?” PS: I love that you have been hitting the icanhascheezburger. Isn’t it wonderful?

    Let me show you him.

  9. Sorry baby. Sorry ’bout that. I thought you were asleep. I never would have done that to you if I’d suspected that you were semi-conscious.

    My bad.

  10. Dude. What’d you do to him?


  11. Ok, ok. okaaaaay. U can has comments.
    Now you will have to be varay carefulle, since she will be able to read your blog over your shoulder as you are writing it!!!! Ack.

  12. And No I am not up in the middle of the night writing this.


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