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Hey, so Erin:

I just emailed you the tracking number for your accordion. I apologize for all the delays. Accordion transport turned out to be much more complicated than I imagined.

I packed it myself, though, and did so with enough love and finesse and bubble wrap to more than make up for the tardiness. Everyone at work who saw the case while I was wrapping it wanted to know where I got the “awesome vintage suitcase”, which got a little annoying because I had to explain to them that (a) it’s an accordion case, (b) no, I don’t play the accordion, (c) it’s for a friend, OK? and (d) NO, she doesn’t play the accordion, either. Now everyone at work thinks I’m crazy.

Canada was great. There’s an awful amount of time spent sitting at the border to get there, but you’re next to the Pugett sound so it smells like the beach the entire time.

I bought beer legally, but that wasn’t all that exciting because 14 year olds were buying beer legally right next to me. Nobody cards in Vancouver. This was a bit jarring to someone who, while working at the Golden Pantry, was brainwashed to believe that if you forget to card your grandmother she will rip off her grandmother disguise and turn out to be a 16-year old and a cop and a prison sentence. Seeing crunked up 14-year olds with braces in bars with is a little jarring, too.

I will post pictures soon. Mine won’t be nearly as high quality as Emily and Ashley’s (I’m the last person on Earth who buys disposable cameras, it seems), and I’m pretty sure that most of them are of boring ass shit out near the hotel we stayed in, but hey: they’re still pictures of a foreign country.

I would go into more detail about the trip, but everyone who reads this either was there or should have been there (Ahem. Erin.)

Whenever I read a whole bunch of books by the same author in a short period of time, I unconsciously start to write like that author, no matter what the context. When I was 15, even my IMs were John Updike. Emily loaned me a whole bunch of Joan Didion last month, and as I quickly read over this post, I’m already tracing certain phrasings back to Fumbling Torwards Bethlehem. Sorry if that’s weird for you guys.

Anyway, the book I’m reading now is from William, and it’s by Don DeLillo, and there’s no chance in hell of me ever writing like Don DeLillo (No amount of reading could ever make me write like I had something important to say). I should sound like myself again by the next post.


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  1. sometimes i read jung before i have to write a paper.

    and canada was awesome; you are so right. i will post pictures soon. but i do have to correct you–that was my sister’s camera. i totally am one of the last as well. 🙂

  2. so, because i totally have to tell someone this, i really kind of like this victoria beckham thing on go fug yourself:

    i know! it’s not awesome! …but really, it kind of is. who doesn’t want to own back-seamed stockings? and who can pull that off and make it look awesome?! i want to be able to do that! and i really kind of like the white short jacket. and? and! i really like her new haircut. we can forgive the michael jackson gloves, seeing as she’s hard enough already.

    …so yea. i feel better now.

  3. Listen, I’m so pissed that you went to Canada and that I won’t have the opportunity to go now that the trip is canceled. You have NO idea how sad that makes me.

  4. Hey, Afraz. Your trip is canceled? Weren’t you supposed to be staying at my apartment? Does no one inform me of anything anymore???

    Yeah, that’s right. THREE question marks. And CAPS.

    Anyway, Andrew, I think that I found your disposable camera. And I cannot tell you how glad I am that you’re reading Didion. On the one hand I really want to go see her play on Broadway, because it’s her and because I’m curious, but on the other had I don’t think I could ever bring myself to actually do it. It sounds like an awful play. When can I borrow some of the books you took along for the Canada trip? Have you finished any of them?

  5. Victoria Beckham kind of scares me. In that outfit Ashley mentioned especially. She looks so…tweeked-out. I think that I’m spending too much time at work.

  6. You know what I could be doing right now? I could be uploading my OWN Canada pictures. To Mah Bucket. But I can’t, because W has done something with the USB cords in the back of this fucking thing and I’m too tired to figure it out. I know, I know, there’s like, TWO cords and TWO devices (actually 3 counting the damn Ipod) and TWO usb ports on the back of the laptop, but…but the damn cords are tangled. Or something. One of them (the blue one, the only one that I ever recognize) is hanging loose from the back of the printer. And the printer isn’t working. Which would seem self-explanatory, except that the blue cord isn’t actually CONNECTED to the printer. I LOOKED.

    Okay, enough CAPS. Seriously, that was the last time. Probably.

    When you move in here, can I use your computer sometimes? Please? He keeps DOING STUFF to mine.

  7. *clarification*
    Okay, the blue cord is connected to the internet. But my ability to post here would suggest that the internet is, in fact, working. So wtf.


  9. Wait, I thought Andrew said it wouldn’t work b/c y’all were moving and whatnot? Andrew the other, care to fill me and E in?


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